Safety assured for drinking water applications

To meet the specific needs of water engineers and plumbing professionals, Henkel has introduced a comprehensive range of LOCTITE® engineering adhesives that are WRAS-approved.  The WRAS conformance mark confirms the product complies with the highest standards set out by UK water regulations.

Adhesives used in the construction, installation, renewal, repair or replacement of any water fitting that conveys water to the public, either domestically or commercially, must comply with strict performance rules.  Failure to check can lead to potentially disastrous consequences in terms of health, cost and brand reputation.

WRAS approval provides the assurance that the LOCTITE adhesive will not contaminate water used for drinking, bathing, washing or cooking.  And the range includes all the key LOCTITE applications – thread locking, thread sealing, gasketing, instant bonding and retaining – and several products from the brand’s Health and Safety series.

Key players include the medium and high strength thread lockers LOCTITE 2400 and 2700, LOCTITE 5400 thread sealant, LOCTITE 5800 gasketing adhesive and LOCTITE 6300 retaining compound.  Other popular WRAS-approved products are LOCTITE 55 thread sealing cord and LOCTITE 577, the medium strength thread sealant.

Avoiding corrosion

When it comes to drinking water, protection against corrosion over a product’s lifetime is a prerequisite in avoiding contamination.  With this aim in mind, LOCTITE thread lockers, such as LOCTITE 2400 and 2700, include patented cure chemistry that optimises performance on anti-corrosion, zinc-flake coated fasteners and passive substrates such as stainless steel and zinc dichromate.

Zinc-flake coated fasteners are becoming a common choice over zinc-plated and chrome-based alternatives because they are more resistant to corrosion, safer to manufacture and do not carry the risk of hydrogen embrittlement.

The latest LOCTITE WRAS-approved adhesives can also lock and seal brass fittings in drinking water applications where quality is key.  Inferior adhesives can become brittle after the curing process, resulting in the seal fracturing.  By comparison, LOCTITE adhesives will absorb any shocks and provide a durable bond.

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