Climate tech start-up secures £1 million to help construction ditch diesel generators

IPG, developer of the IPG Flameless Generator, has successfully secured a £1 million investment following the completion of its prototype project with National Highways and Cranfield University, where the pollutant-free, fuel-flexible benefits of the IPG Flameless Generator were proven.

The next step for IPG is to deploy the first round of demonstration trials of its Minimal Viable Product (MVP) with its growing list of early adopter customers in the construction industry.

“This is a vital step on our journey to replace the diesel generator,” said Toby Gill, CEO of IPG. “With this new investment and our successful prototype project complete, we are on course to demonstrate the value of our product for the construction industry in helping to decarbonise the industry.”

The IPG Flameless Generator is a renewable alternative to the diesel generator. Utilising IPG’s breakthrough Flameless Combustion technology, its generator solution delivers pollutant-free power from any fuel, enabling construction companies to ditch their diesel generators and decarbonise their operations without uncertainty in hydrogen or biofuel supplies introducing greater risk to projects.

“Construction businesses are crying out for large scale solutions to end their reliance on diesel for onsite power generation. The current state of the renewable fuel market currently brings with it an inherent risk to operations due to the potential for fuel supply disruption that most businesses find unacceptable,” says Gill. “In the construction industry, switching from diesel to green hydrogen not only represents more regular dependency on an emerging supply chain, but also requires refuelling as frequently as every one to five days, opening up the risk of delivery disruptions and power outages.”

“Unlike generators that only operate on one green fuel, such as hydrogen fuel cells or biomethane generators, the IPG Flameless Generator offers project managers the ability to sustainably power their sites with green hydrogen, but rely on other renewable fuels or even conventional fuel supply chains as a back-up during the transition.”

“Over the coming year, we will be conducting a large scale trial with a major UK construction company to demonstrate how our product can support the decarbonisation of day to day operations at scale,” said Gill. “We are looking forward to working with further construction companies who have climate goals as part of their business objectives to demonstrate how this technology can support their sustainability targets and build towards a greener future for the sector.”


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