Schwank plans for energy efficiency

With the increasing costs of energy coupled with the need for carbon reduction, businesses are under continued pressure to seek energy efficiencies in key areas such as industrial heating. These factors reinforce Schwank’s belief in the importance of system planning, installation and maintenance for maximising energy savings and minimising costs of heating both new build and redevelopment projects.

A critical stage in the selection process for the ideal heating solution comes in the analysis of various heating technologies, the comparison between the existing heating system and the benefits offered from a new solution designed specifically for the premises and the demands of the business concerned. Schwank‘s planning expertise and the exceptional quality of its German manufactured products enables users to typically obtain energy cost savings of between 30% and 50% by switching from a conventional heating system to Schwank infrared heaters.

Radiant heating systems from Schwank provide consistent, reliable comfort heating which can be designed to operate to heat either the total area or particular zones of a building. They can also be timed to fit working patterns and the usage of the premises.


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