Hoval helps cut carbon footprint

As a result of installing two Hoval UltraGas condensing boilers at Hampton Court Palace, Historic Royal Palaces has made significant savings on energy costs while also reducing its carbon footprint.

The new boilers are providing space heating to a number of workshops, storage areas and the main reception area, replacing two boilers dating back to the 1970s. “The old boilers weren’t very efficient, had very little control and sourcing spares was becoming difficult – so it was clearly time to replace them,” recalled Senior Maintenance Engineer Darren King.

“When we carry out such upgrade projects there is always an imperative to improve energy efficiency and maximise the return on investment through savings on energy costs. Having evaluated a number of manufacturers’ boilers we were particularly impressed with the quality and controllability of the Hoval UltraGas,” he continued.

Controllability was a key factor because indoor temperatures are not allowed to rise above 16°C to prevent the building fabric drying out. UltraGas boilers use modulating burners with up to 12:1 turndown, ensuring the heating operates efficiently while also taking full advantage of the low return temperatures to maximise condensing.



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