New Pattress Mount Kit added to Elucian consumer unit range

Scolmore continues to expand its Elucian by Click consumer unit range to provide electricians with products that offer them convenience and easy installation solutions.  The latest addition is a new rear and side wiring consumer unit pattress mount kit.

With the pattress mount secured to the wall and attached to the back of the consumer unit, the electrician has space between the mount and the unit to neatly feed cabling from the trunking through the rear knockouts.

Because the mounting kit comprises two separate parts – a left and right mount – it can be used across any size of distribution board and is therefore compatible with the full Elucian consumer unit range – 5, 8,10,12,14,16 and 22 Way.  For the contractor, this means carrying just one type of kit on the van regardless of the size of consumer units being installed, and for the wholesaler it means minimum space taken up in store, with just one size of kit needing to be stocked.

A template is supplied with each kit to allow the installer to easily work out the correct positioning of the mounts for the particular size of board they are installing – from 5 Way to 22 Way.  Once the mount positions have been marked on the wall, the pattress mounts are fixed using screws and plugs and the consumer unit positioned on the pattress mount.  The consumer unit is fixed to the pattress mount using the screws and washer provided.  The serrated washers must be used to ensure earth continuity.

The new pattress mount kits form part of Elucian’s extensive accessories range. The full Elucian by Click range can be seen on the website –

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