Euroheat launched entry-level biomass boiler at Ecobuild

Leading biomass solutions provider, Euroheat, launched an entry-level biomass boiler at Ecobuild, providing an option for the more cost-conscious, modest home. The HDG R25 is a 25kW log boiler with a simple design meaning the price is kept down – perfect for end-users looking to take advantage of the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

The R25 is soon to be Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved and reaches efficiencies of over 90%; like all boilers in Euroheat’s range. Where it differs is the hopper size, which is slightly reduced compared with other HDG boilers, this means more manual input is required as less logs can be loaded at any one time – compared with other brands of biomass boiler, however, it is still a sizeable fuel chamber.

HDG R25 benefits at a glance:

  • Easy to fill
  • Low space requirement
  • Minimal cleaning effort
  • Fits in almost any home
  • Low emissions
  • High quality boiler technology at a reasonable cost

Heat on demand

When combined with an accumulator, which stores hot water, any excess energy generated is saved and released on demand. This is particularly useful in the summer months – just one boiler can heat domestic hot water for several days. Using an accumulator will also minimise reloading cycles.

With the RHI set to be launched later in the year and biomass options now available for a range of sized homes and budgets, building services installers everywhere should really consider including this technology in their offering. To help them do this, Euroheat also delivers HETAS and MCS approved courses from its training and exhibition centre, in Bishops Frome, Worcestershire.

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