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Zehnder, Europe’s leading manufacturer of radiant heating and cooling panels, sets a new standard in efficient temperature control. Utilising innovative material technology, the Zehnder Carboline combines outstanding performance with superior energy efficiency.

Capitalising on the natural properties of graphite; lightweight, high thermal conductivity and high corrosion resistance, the Zehnder Carboline consists of copper tubes which are embedded into a graphite panel. This patented high-performance thermal element is then placed into a sheet steel casing, and it is the combination of materials, and the method of assembly which guarantees an extremely even heat distribution with exceptional controllability.

The pioneering technology means that, unlike conventional radiant panels, the Carboline has an extremely fast reaction time. The lower mass rate and excellent conductivity of the panel ensure that it reacts immediately to changes in room temperature. This rapid response time translates into lower running costs and, consequently, lower emissions.

The Carboline can also operate at lower water temperatures, which enables the use of renewable energy resources such as solar, and ground source and air source heat-pumps etc.

Moreover, the Carboline has a very low environmental impact. In addition to its high efficiency, low running costs and low emissions the Zehnder Carboline is also 100% recyclable. These benefits, together with its ability to be used with renewable energy resources, make it a truly ‘green’ product; offering a fully sustainable heating and cooling solution.

Available with a smooth or perforated surface the Zehnder Carboline is finished with a white anti-bacterial powder coat as standard. A full range of additional colours, in gloss or matt finishes, are also available.  The key benefit of the perforated surface is its acoustic properties. Independent of the panels heating and cooling function, the perforations offer excellent noise absorption. Conforming to ISO 354, sound waves pass through the perforations into the insulation inside where they are absorbed. This results in a significant reduction in sound levels and/or reverberation time, making the panel ideal for use in open-plan offices, schools and call centres. The perforated panel can be changed to absorb different frequencies of sound and they are individually designed for each project.  

In line with all Zehnder radiant panels, specific ceiling cut-outs for lighting, projectors, loudspeakers etc. can be integrated into the panels in accordance with customers’ requirements.

Easy to install the Zehnder Carboline is designed for use in new or existing grid and suspended ceilings and can simply be inserted in place of the ceiling panels. The Carboline is available in a standard width, with five standard lengths, ensuring a perfect fit for all installations. It is also possible to attach the panels directly to the ceiling if required; Zehnder supply a standard hanging kit for this purpose. 

An intelligent and technically advanced product, the Zehnder Carboline meets the demands for sustainable and cost-effective heating and cooling solutions.

For further information on Zehnder please contact Zehnder Technical Services on 01252 515151 or visit www.zehnder.co.uk.

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