zencontrol – Revolutionising the Way We Look at Lighting Control

zencontrol is a lighting control system designed specifically for modern lighting systems, faster and easier than traditional systems with no compromise in performance. The underlying philosophy behind the zencontrol design is that ‘it just works’ – straight out of the box and without the complexity commonly associated with such systems. There are many key features that make zencontrol stand out from the rest, including full DALI support, cloud connectivity for commissioning and, monitoring, automatic commissioning of standard features and advanced programming/integration through web and mobile interfaces. Unlike many systems, zencontrol is fully DALI 2 compliant and upgradable to future DALI standards.

One of the major innovations in this product range is the automatic commissioning, working alongside the advanced, cloud-based software. These make the whole commissioning process more straightforward with less risk of issues on site and, additionally, the system fixes contractor mistakes automatically. Another innovative feature is the circadian rhythm functionality, using the intensity and colour of light to trigger hormones and engender positive effects for occupants.

Recognising that modern ‘smart’ buildings require many building services to be connected, zencontrol also makes integration easy by supporting BACnet over IP (client and server), RS232 connections, Modbus over IP, volt free I/O, KNX over IP and cloud based API. Additionally, as BACnet, Modbus and KNX support is at the application controller level, no additional controller between the lighting control system and BMS is required. This reduces cost, increases speed and removes the risk of a single point failure. While all zencontrol systems can operate without a cloud connection, adding cloud provides a faster and more manageable solution.

zencontrol sets a higher standard in security with the use of industry proven and backed TLS 1.2, which is not just encryption, but a complete security layer which comprises secure technologies such as SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm 2) and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). Additionally, data security is assured by storing data on the cloud with full back-ups spread amongst multiple fault-tolerant servers. All changes are logged and audited and any incorrect or malicious changes can be identified and rolled back.

zencontrol sets an unprecedented standard and will revolutionise the way we look at lighting control, delivering functionality and benefits that are not available from competing systems on the market today.

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