Website caters for growth

Mitsubishi Electric has revamped its Photovoltaic (PV) website to increase accessibility for those looking for details of the company’s advanced range of commercial and domestic solar power generating equipment.

The UK PV market is expanding rapidly as homeowners and businesses look to take advantage of the Government’s Feed In Tariff (FIT) programme, which promises an income from every kW of energy generated by rooftop panels.

Mitsubishi Electric has manufactured PV Arrays since the space programme of the 1970’s and has emerged on the UK market over the last three years, rapidly gaining a reputation for helping make home installation easy with its unique PV Pack and sophisticated and reliable product line-up.

“People are quickly realising just how advanced our knowledge is and we are seeing lots of interest from customers who already know the strength and value of the Mitsubishi brand through our other areas of operations,” explained Perry Jackson, General Manager of the company’s PV Department.

The structure, look and content of the website has all been revamped, aiming to make it even easier for both domestic and commercial installers, and simple to navigate for consumers.

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