Wakefield Acoustics

In Wakefield Acoustics you have a company that benefits from a stellar team who have years of experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of bespoke noise solution systems for organizations and companies across an extremely wide selection of industries that span the globe. Industrial noise is a major issue both in terms of the environment and the health and safety of many employees. There have been far too many incidences of health problems caused by industrial noise already and Wakefield Acoustics have helped many organizations minimize the risk of this by designing, making and installing various products benefitting from the latest advancements in the field of industrial noise reduction.

As they keep control of each stage of the process, from design through to installation, Wakefield Acoustics maintain rigorous quality control alongside an open line of communication that makes them a pleasure to deal with. The Wakefield Acoustics team have their finger on the pulse of changes in the field so that their products and approach to solving problems always reflect the very latest thinking and advancements in technology. So, whatever your noise reduction needs may be, the chances are that Wakefield Acoustics already have the answer.

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