Voyager LED points the way

Thorn’s new Voyager LED range enables designers to specify emergency lighting that is more aesthetically pleasing, consumes less power and requires smaller power supplies. There are three options (Route, Area and Spot) available in white or silver with a choice of recessed or surface mounted styles. All use single, high performance 2.7W LEDs and sophisticated optics to give better light control than traditional fluorescent-based systems. The fittings can thus be spaced more widely with consequent savings in installation and running costs.

All the models are self-contained and include NiMh batteries and charger, are L-shaped for recessed models to fit through a 68mm cut-out aperture, and offer three hours emergency lighting at the required level. The nickel metal hydride battery is more environmentally friendly, offers greater capacity per volume and, having no ‘memory effect’, has superior recharge characteristics than nickel cadmium types. They are also not encased in the control gear, thus avoiding any operational heat issues and allowing for quick changing without tools.

The integral aluminium heat sink further contributes to a long working life. 

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