Versatile, compatible and efficient – the new SAUTER vialoq AVM 215 valve actuator

image1SAUTER is introducing a new valve actuator with 500N of actuating power and a 20mm nominal stroke. Thanks to its compatibility with commercially available valve types, the new SAUTER vialoq AVM 215 is ideally suited for retrofit projects.

The vast majority of electric valve actuators with 500N actuating power have a stroke of between 10mm and 20mm. Featuring a nominal stroke of 8mm to 20mm, the new SAUTER vialoq AVM 215 actuator is geared towards this range.

The vialoq AVM 215’s synchronous motor is designed for a 24V or 230V power supply depending on the model used. SAUTER’s vialoq valve actuators are especially economical in stand-by mode. And since valve actuators spend around 80% of the time in stand-by mode and only 20% in motion, this really this pays off.

Assembly of the new actuator is simple and saves installation time. No tools are needed. The patented automatic valve coupling – standard with SAUTER vialoq – and practical electric plug-in module can be fitted in no time.

Maintenance-free auxiliary change-over contacts will also soon be available for the SAUTER vialoq line. They can relay back the valve position to the controller or execute switching functions over the entire rotation range.

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