Ultra-low NOX CHP by Adveco

With concerns over harmful levels of atmospheric NOX in England’s cities continuing to grow, the selection of low-emission CHP appliances has never been more important.

With CO and NOX emissions below 10 mg/Nm3, the Adveco TOTEM range of 10 to 25 kW m-CHP remains one of the greenest CHP solutions available on the U.K. market today.

The latest EcoDesign directives, set to come into effect later this year, will define a CHP NO­X emission limit of 240 mg/kWh.  This ensures that no new CHP appliance will be dirtier than the traditional sources of heat and power; however, not all CHP appliances are equal.  The Adveco TOTEM boasts emissions 20 times – 95% – lower than the 240 mg/kWh limit.  In terms of emission reductions, every TOTEM installed in place of a 240 mg/kWh appliance is equivalent to removing 193 Euro-6 diesel cars from the nation’s roads, leading to significant improvements in air quality.

Since its launch in 2015, the TOTEM has been installed in many projects across the country, helping clients meet building regulations and reduce energy costs with its market-leading efficiencies of up to 107.4%.  Find out more by visiting http://www.adveco.co/chp/ today!

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