The ultimate guide to commercial heating: ELCO’s new Commercial Gas Range brochure

ELCO Heating Solutions has launched its latest Commercial Gas Range brochure, which provides a detailed and highly visual insight into the company’s extensive range of condensing boilers and CHP units.

The brochure further explains the technology and engineering utilised in ELCO’s comprehensive manufacturing processes, plus the superb features incorporated into each product. The new brochure can be downloaded from

Placing a focus on efficiency and innovation, ELCO has carefully selected each product with the knowledge and expertise acquired from being at the forefront of combustion technology for over 35 years. The new literature also details ELCO’s dedication to high efficiencies and low emissions, plus the boilers’ state-of-the-art modular constructions. In addition, there are comprehensive arguments for the use of robust stainless steel heat exchangers and why low water content boilers make technical and financial sense.

The Commercial Gas Range brochure features industry leading boilers, such as the R3400 and the R3600, which set the benchmarks for high outputs, combined with low weight, compact dimensions and low emissions. The brochure also contains the new TRIGON® XL which represents a significant step forward in heating technology. With extremely flexible configurations, clever design and a range of models available, the TRIGON® XL boiler is perfect for a variety of commercial applications.

ELCO has also introduced the new THISION® L EVO, a completely re-engineered range of wall mounted condensing boilers. This standout model features flat metal fibre cold flame burner for extremely low NOx emissions, plus extensive cascade arrangements for powerful and flexible systems. Its efficiency and performance make it excellent for commercial environments.

Finally, the popular VARION® C-POWER range of CHP units introduces a new era of heat and electrical power generation. The range consists of four models featuring class leading efficiencies, a host of standard features plus supremely compact designs. In addition, each CHP unit is compatible with the ELCO range of wall mounted and standing boilers to satisfy peak periods of demands.

Ian Bradley, Managing Director for ELCO Heating Solutions, said: “Our new Commercial Gas Range brochure is more than just technical information. Instead, it provides specifiers with the detail that matters in an imaginative and visual way, including our product design and manufacturing approaches. Key information and clear diagrams on each page also allow specifiers to choose the right ELCO product for the application.”

Completing the brochure is information on the full range of accessories that can be paired with each of ELCO’s boilers, including flue gas systems, room controls, neutralisation boxes, Pisces pressurisation units, remote controller management and plate heat exchangers and headers.

For more information on ELCO’s commercial gas range, or to download the new brochure, please visit

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