The Next Generation of FEIN Grinding is Here

Fein UK shares stories from some of its newest FEIN customers following demonstrations of its grinders and impact drivers. The team also discusses its next generation of cordless grinders, and a new epic end-user deal

 FEIN, the power tool manufacturer, started innovating in the late 19th century combining the power of an electric motor with a manual drill to develop the world’s very first power tool. In the years since, Fein has developed and innovated a number of tools, becoming a specialist in metal power tools and applications. Working with tradespeople world wide, FEIN has developed many generations of grinders and metal drills. Serving those working in construction and various metal fabrication/automotive work.

Last year, Rob Roan was one such end-user who helped celebrate Fein’s 150 years of manufacturing by testing one of Fein’s metal drills and an angle grinder to deliver some of his metal fabrication work for his business. Rob comments ’We were all very impressed with the feel of the unit. When you press the start you can tell this a quality gearbox and motor in your hand. We have managed to burn out every blue professional drill I have ever bought but the FEIN survived us!’

JP Schoonbrood specifically took on a Fein die grinder following a bet from a work colleague that the orange machine would surpass any other die grinder he had, JP having struggled for some time to find a die grinder that could deliver 8-10 hours work a day of continuous use. He regularly uses the machine for modifying car engines, in particular the cylinder heads: opening up, re-profiling and polishing the ports for a range of customers who are seeking more power and overall performance from the engine.

For the grinding process, JP needed considerable power from the machine’s motor to remove metal efficiently, variable speed for different cutters and materials, and a strong grip to control the tool and, crucially, a strong and secure collet to hold the piece in place. JP explains “Having not owned a die grinder that has lasted me more than a week before needing repair, I expected the grinder to join the tool grave yard under my workbench before the first week was out.  However, I was shocked to find that the FEIN machine lasted me through both weeks without issue, and overall I was left very impressed by the tool.”  Fein UK is pleased to confirm that JP still uses that same grinder over 4 months on from our demonstration with him, and it has still not been repaired to this day.

Looking to the future, Fein UK is proud to announce that its grinding technology is now about to take another leap forward, releasing a new cordless generation of grinders. Aside from the fact that end-users can use the cordless orange machine, end-users can also expect the following benefits:


  • EC motor with dust protection for long tool life
  • Various options when pre-selecting speed settings
  • Restart protection to prevent the tool being switched back on unintentionally
  • Rapid stop function to stop the rotating disc in a matter of seconds when the tool is shut down.                                                                                                                      

FEIN UK is launching two new cordless angle grinders and three cordless die grinders.  All can be used remotely, supported by the existing battery system and the new ‘High Power’ battery system now available with Fein. The angle grinders are designed for efficient cutting, grinding and deburring work in assembly jobs. Both the cordless angle grinders and the cordless die grinders have a new, dust-resistant and brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor with an innovative technology concept.

“The grinders are intended for steel construction firms, who use them to cut steel girders, for fitters, mounting stairway and balcony railings, or for people working in industry, needing to grind welded seams flexibly and in tight spaces. At the same time, the cordless angle grinders are an important tool for firms specialising in interior work because they often need a cordless system to cut a wide range of materials during on-site assembly work” says Christian Weber, Grinding Product Manager at FEIN.

The FEIN cordless angle grinders are available from specialist retailers from April 2018 as a Select or Set variant with the 18 V HighPower lithium-ion battery, as are the new die grinders. For more information on the new machines check out . Any end-users who purchase between £1-2K of cordless product will also qualify for free accessories/machines worth hundreds of pounds. Check out

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