The intelligent controller

Priva Building Intelligence has launched the Compri HX 6E, an Ethernet enabled intelligent controller designed especially for small and medium-sized projects such as schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, and offices.  Now these projects can enjoy all the benefits of a modern, completely programmable controller with the convenience of an Ethernet connection. 

The Compri HX 6E benefits from a well designed, modular construction allowing fast and easy installation and Ethernet connectivity and can be expanded to a maximum of six I/O modules.  There are four communication ports which places it nicely between the Compri HX 8E and HX4, being equal in number to the HX 8E and offering an additional port over the HX4 and HX3.  This fourth port will prove particularly useful for those installations requiring connection to another network such as Modbus or BACnet.

Ethernet connection offers numerous advantages including Web display, email and SNMP (simple network management protocol).  It delivers higher speeds and requires less cabling, allowing the controls installation to utilise existing office networks, and can manage multiple forms of communication simultaneously over one cable (Cat5). 

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