Sontay launches new controllers

Sontay has added a new series of zone and fan coil controllers to its comprehensive offering for 2009. The products are designed for easy installation and commissioning proving to be a valuable addition to any building management system. Versions are available with the choice of humidity, PIR, floating and analogue (0-10v dc) options together with stand-alone, Lon or BACnet MS/TP communication capabilities.

New for 2009 the innovative CN series of zone and fan coil controllers feature simple menu-driven site configuration to reduce the installed cost. This latest range from Sontay includes pre-configured operation sequences to reduce on-site programming and commissioning time. The controllers have three configurable inputs and provide auxiliary contact for lighting or reheat control along with advanced occupancy functions. The backlit LCD display with dedicated function menu keys ensures ease of use and the lockable keypad prevents unauthorised changes to configuration. Accurate temperature control is achieved using a P+1 control algorithm which virtually eliminates the temperature offset associated with traditional, differential based units.

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