Scheme assures biomass fuel quality

HETAS has launched a brand new scheme to assure biomass and wood fuel quality for both domestic and commercial users. The first company to have it’s products approved under the unique Solid Biomass Approvals Scheme (SBAS) is Certainly Wood, which supplies kiln dried firewood and kindling throughout the UK.

Marketing manager for Certainly Wood, Nic Snell, said: “we are delighted to become the first producer in the UK to become approved, and this is certainly not just a label. The quality assurance systems we now have in place enable us to ensure a high standard of product is provided to our customers every time.”

The government’s latest Renewable Energy Strategy mentions the new HETAS scheme, and points out that biomass boilers operate at optimal efficiency with fuel of the correct quality. Using poor quality fuel can reduce combustion efficiency and increase maintenance costs.

Bruce Allen, chief executive of HETAS explained: “Both domestic and commercial customers rely on their suppliers to provide fuel of the correct type, size and moisture content. With the rapidly expanding biomass market, we need to provide confidence in the supply chain, and ensure that biomass and wood fuel meets specified standards.”

HETAS is already assessing more applicants to the scheme, and will be publicising a list of approved suppliers on their website, and in the HETAS guide.

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