Safe commercial boiler cleaning

In a market where industrial grade cleaners are often considered to do more harm than good to fouled commercial heating systems, there is a clear requirement for a product able to provide effective and safe system cleaning. With this in mind, Sentinel Commercial recommends its Sentinel X400 system restorer and cleaner.


This high quality product is designed specifically for commercial systems found in facilities such as offices, conference venues, sports centres, hotels, schools, zoos and retail centres. Unlike some aggressive industrial grade products, which can actually promote corrosion that leads to leaks, X400 is specially formulated to be pH-neutral and totally harmless to all system metals, including aluminium, during the cleaning and restoring process – a step that is crucial for any subsequently dosed long-term inhibitor to work effectively.


Sentinel X400 is ideal for use in systems with a significant existing build-up of settled sludge. Its special formulation successfully lifts and disperses old corrosion debris to promote system efficiency. As a result, the product is suitable for use whenever scheduled cleaning operations are planned prior to having a new boiler or system component fitted.

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