Bristan flushed for success

Bristan has launched an innovative new infra-red automatic urinal flush.


Against the backdrop of increased onus on water efficiency, the innovative flush control offers a simple yet highly effective way to reduce water usage for commercial buildings including those in the education, leisure, healthcare and hospitality sectors.


The compact non-touch valve incorporates a clever infra-red mechanism which detects human contact and automatically flushes each individual urinal after use, ensuring the minimum volume of water is used. The direct flush removes the need for an auto-flush cistern and associated plumbing used in traditional installations which flush all urinals intermittently.


The result is scope for substantial water savings, reducing the level of water usage compared to a standard tank fed urinal flush. In addition, the non-touch approach reduces the risk of cross-contamination, improving overall hygiene.


Chris Tranter, Product Manager at Bristan, said: “Although sometimes overlooked, WC and urinal flushing has a major part to play in any commercial facilities’ water saving strategy, typically accounting to around 30% of a building’s overall usage. The clever urinal flush offers significantly reduced water consumption, while the non-touch mechanism ensures the highest level of hygiene.”

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