Riello burners prove ideal

Riello has supplied 23 gas-fired modulating burners for use with Ideal Commercial boilers that have been installed to provide energy efficient space heating to the Headingley campus of Leeds Metropolitan University. The matched burners and boilers were specified due to their ability to provide energy efficient heating, thus enabling the University to qualify for funding based on subsequent reduction in energy use.

The new heating equipment will also play a key role in helping the University reduce its running costs and carbon emissions, releasing funds that can be used towards enhancing educational facilities

The Ideal Commercial boilers used in this project included 22 Harrier models and one Concord. They were specified and installed by Leeds-based ICH Services in 11 plant rooms across the campus to serve a variety of applications. The Riello burners were matched to the different boilers and included RS34 and RS44 two-stage progressive burners as well as GS20 models.

“The existing boilers at the campus were all quite old and inefficient so replacing them created a good opportunity to improve the efficiency of the heating system,” said ICH’s Michael Holmes. “On the basis of the efficiencies of the boilers and burners proposed for the project, the University was able to obtain an energy saving grant towards the costs.”

Andy Forrest of Ideal Commercial added: “We required high performance burners for this project and Riello was the supplier of choice on the basis of efficiency, quality and reliability – as well as competitive pricing. As this was a retrofit project, the specification team at ICH Services needed to ensure the boilers chosen would offer the necessary flexibility for effective integration with the existing heating system within each building. Both boiler ranges are extremely adaptable, as well as being compact enough for manoeuvring in existing plant rooms, thereby offering a comprehensive solution for this project.”

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