Quick fix for solar

Glow-worm, the one-stop shop for all solar thermal installation needs, has developed its Clearly Solar all-in-one packs to make installations fast and simple. The packs include everything needed for a solar thermal installation and have some very innovative and practical fixing features.

Glow-worm has devised a clever tool-free panel fixing system to connect the collector array hydraulically to the system. The panels are supplied with push fit hydraulic connections so there is no need to cart tools up on to the roof. Simply slot the connections together where you want them and clip into place. Job done.

For installation on flat roofs, much thought has gone into the cleverly designed A-frame which can be constructed in minutes. This Glow-worm product is completely tool-free: the telescopic arm can be set at 30°, 45° or 60° according to need and it is simply a case of slotting a securing pin in place, all without the need for tools.

Once assembled, the A-frame can either be secured to a flat roof, or weighted down with optional gravel trays, available from Glow-worm as part of the Clearly Solar range of accessories.


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