Powrmatic’s Twins reach the right places

Powrmatic has introduced the Midea Twins system, which enables two indoor air conditioning units to be operated from a single outdoor unit. As such, it provides a cost effective way to address the challenge of achieving effective air distribution in long and L-shaped rooms and rooms with high partitioning.

The system is designed to use two indoor units of the same rating (2 x 5.6kW or 2 x 7.0kW), operating in a master/slave arrangement. Available indoor units include a low profile DC inverter four-way cassette and under ceiling/low wall units.

Installation and configuration of the indoor units is very straightforward and the control strategy is determined through simple switch settings on each unit. Operating parameters such as working mode, set temperature and fan speed are set on the master unit via a remote controller and these are then mirrored on the slave unit.

Depending on the capacity of the system, the second indoor unit can be mounted up to 50 metres from the outdoor unit. The indoor and outdoor units are powered separately and the two indoor units must be connected to the same power source.


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