Panasonic PIR sensors at LuxLive 2016

panasoniclogo-300x115Panasonic Electric Works UK Ltd are pleased to announce that they will be exhibiting at Luxlive 2016 from 23rd – 24th November at the ExCel London.

We will be exhibiting our  latest developments in PIR motion sensors.

The Saturn PIR sensor is a unique PIR device that incorporates individual sensing areas to allow wide area detection of occupancy while a highly sensitive small detection area can use the latest PIR technology to detect even the slightest of movements.   Aimed at the dramatically increasing ‘Hot Desk’ management applications this sensor allows the designer the maximum benefits with standby currents as low as 1µA.

The Lensless PIR sensor is specifically designed for close mounting in door frames using a pinhole lens technique to allow gate monitoring , security and footfall applications.  The ability to be flush mounted and with a depth of under 10mm gives this sensor the best opportunity to meet the specifiers requirements.

The Hammerhead PIR sensor pushes the sensor specification to new levels.  Designed to offer forward, side and channel detection this sensor can be customised to give a very precise detection area that was previously very difficult to cover accurately.   A range of standby currents from 1µA to 170µA offers use in a wide range of applications.

A new range of masks can provide a easily customisable lens selection on certain models.   Depending on the design of the lens and the mask used the sensors offer different detection distances, angles, zones, and detection types. The detection distance is 2m > 12m. By default, lenses are available in three different colours: pearl white, white, and black. This allows customers to choose just the right product for their application.


  • As low as 1µA power consumption ( EKMB )
  • Amplifier and comparator technology integrated
  • Small diameter lenses
  • Range of specialised lenses aimed at industry use
  • Extremely reliable
  • Easy to integrate
  • Fast time to market

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