Omnie adds AL HEX heat diffuser technology to UFH systems

Omnie, the award-winning UK underfloor heating specialist, will be incorporating the advanced AL HEX aluminium diffuser technology on all its foiled underfloor heating systems, as standard, with immediate effect.    The patented AL HEX foil, with its trademark hexagonal patten, increases the in-channel foiled surface area that is in contact with the warm water pipe.  The result is greater heat output, faster heat transfer and a more even heat distribution across a floor area, plus it avoids the risk of damage due to heat ‘striping’.    Striping is caused when heat in the warm water pipe doesn’t diffuse into the floor panel effectively and, instead, creates hot spots and hot lines on the floor surface finish.  Prolonged exposure to striping can damage both the floor finish and the subfloor, particularly if the installer raises the temperature of the water to try and improve the diffusion.

“AL HEX is a real step forward for underfloor heating particularly when the industry is moving away from gas boilers and towards renewable heat sources,” says Brendan Hourican, Omnie’s Managing Director.  “Because it is so efficient at transferring heat, AL HEX works very well with lower water temperatures.  This means it improves the performance of the underfloor heating, which is a huge benefit when the system is paired with a heat pump.   Right now, homeowners want efficient heating.  They want to feel the benefit of every kilowatt of energy they are paying for, to lower the cost of their heating and still stay warm in winter.  AL HEX diffuser foil fitted to their underfloor heating panels will help them achieve this.”   AL HEX is manufactured by Omnie’s parent company RIDGESPEAR and used under licence by Omnie.

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