New from Douglas Delabie

Douglas Delabie has introduced the ES L Pattern TMV (thermostatic mixing valve).

The company says this anti-scald TMV device is up to 40% quicker to install and is designed for use with wash hand basins, showers and bidets in higher risk and healthcare applications.

“Annually, around 600 people suffer severe bath scald scalds of which 75% of these are children. Daily, a child under five with serious scalding hot bath water injuries is admitted to hospital. While each year some 15 pensioners die from bath water burns,” says Bob Purdom, Douglas Delabie’s Commercial Director.

“The TMV enables bath tap water temperature to be set to a maximum temperature pf 44-46ºC. This would allow everyone to safely have a hot bath whilst minimising scalding risk.”

BuildCert TMV3 Scheme approved, and independently tested and certified to NHS Estates DO8 specification, the ES TMV is ideal for reducing temperatures in any situation where normal hot water at 60ºC may accidentally scald and cause burns.

The device can be installed in-line to simplify and reduce fitting time and with its unique ‘L’ pattern and minimal joints it is appropriate for retrofit work.

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