New flexible gas detection & gas safety system

International Gas Detectors (IGD) has launched their TOC640 Gas Detection and Control System and their TOC30 detectors bringing a low cost approach to gas detection and gas safety systems.

With its flexible design, simple setup and single cable connections it provides a swift, low cost installation.

“We just want to make things simple and fast for installers and users” said Andrew Collier, Managing Director of IGD; “a single cable solution suits the need for a low cost, simple install solution”.

A single cable can connect up to 32 devices; either inputs or relay outputs, significantly reducing cable management, material and labour costs. “We have seen quotations for gas detection systems where the material and installation costs can be over 70% of the project total” says Andrew. “We have managed to achieve savings of over half that value, providing real savings for applications from Boiler Houses to full Refinery installations”.

The TOC640 can be configured as a gas detection system or combined gas detection and gas proving/gas safety controller, further minimizing typical duplications.

Addressable sensors are interconnected on a 4-core highway along with output nodes providing localised relays; further reducing duplicated cable runs commonly seen in the older analogue systems.

The TOC640 has internal relay outputs, colour change display, 4-20mA, 0-10V and Modbus RS485 for full alarm and BMS/DCS integration. Existing older systems can also be integrated with a number of analogue ports and the use of input channels on addressable nodes.

The TOC640 enhances the successful addressable gas detection family within IGD covering systems from 1 to 250 device solutions.

The TOC30 detectors bring the market leading Tocsin analogue and addressable range into a low cost package for Building Services, Commercial and light industrial applications.

In a fully sealed IP64 ABS housing the devices fit onto a twin gang patress box profile. This allows installers an easy electrical first fix without any electronics being exposed; allows flush mounting for cosmetic enhancement and integration to Dado Systems utilised within Education, Health and Laboratory establishments.

Utilising plastic provided a challenge to ensure full compliance to the latest RFI and EMC standards but IGD submitted all devices for independent testing and can provide a full TUV test Report and Certificate of Compliance.

About Us

With a history of 90 years of designing and manufacturing gas detection and over 75 years gas detection experience IGD provide full Indemnified Survey and Risk Assessment support for clients, enabling a full and unbiased approach to gas detection implementation.


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