New controller for range

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has launched a new wired controller for its KX6 compact VRF air conditioning system. The RC-E3 controller has been an established component in the KX4 system portfolio for some time, and is now available for the new KX6 range.
The new RC-E3 controller has been developed to be both installer and user-friendly. It requires only two wire installation (rather than three) and has a smart auto install feature. In use it allows the upper and lower limits of a zone temperature range to be set remotely, so that impatient users are unable to swing between extreme settings which would mean excessive heating or cooling. The system can be set up to either conceal these range restrictions from the user, or make them visible.
The controller has a weekly timer as standard, allowing one-week operation schedules to be registered. Users can specify up to four times a day to start or stop the air conditioner. The RC-E3 stores operation data when an error occurs and displays it on the LED. It also records cumulative operation hours of the system since commissioning.
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