Multi Protocol Energy Dashboard

Today’s modern buildings incorporate a number of sub systems that control and maintain the operation of the building. Providing businesses with a simple and effective method of displaying real time live data from several systems can deliver significant advantageous.

The Multi Protocol Energy Dashboard products provide a common platform in delivering and managing real time live data from multiple protocols and third party building energy management systems.

Bespoke energy dashboards can be created rapidly and efficiently via an intuitive and user friendly configuration environment.

The Energy Dashboard provides a common platform in handling all type of data in a building. The software application can be used in conjunction with an OSS gateway to deliver real time live date from third party protocols, including BACnet, Modbus, LON, Trend and IP devices. The application has specifically been designed for non-technical and does not require custom scripting or programming.

The application can be connected to a large screen in a reception or other public areas to motivate employees in taking an active role in improving the energy efficiency in their workplace. In addition, it will provide visitors to the building with information on the building’s energy consumption, performance and other vital data.

By providing a dynamic view of a building’s performance and energy consumption using real time live data, you can work in partnership with your staff in achieving your energy targets.

Other applications will include in-house remote monitoring of real time live data from multiple sites.


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