Membrane-friendly bridging bar is perfect for M&E on flat roofs

Global fixings manufacturer EJOT has launched a multi-purpose, low cost bridging system, developed specifically for flat roofs that have been waterproofed using single ply PVC membrane.

EJOT’s new membrane friendly EJObar has been designed to create a non-penetrative fixing base for an infinite range of applied systems – typically mechanical and electrical essentials such as pipework and cable trays. The product can equally provide primary and secondary fix solutions for lightweight solar PV and thermal installations.

EJOT’s Flat Roofing Product Manager, Kevin Rackley said: “Almost anything that has to be secured to, or rest upon a flat roof lends itself to EJObar. Historically, we have seen anything from a plank of wood to a concrete block used to make a supporting bridge, risking obvious damage to the membrane. We are providing a low cost solution that respects the membrane’s function which is to keep the roof watertight.”

Available to buy off-the-shelf in five practical lengths from 0.15 up to 3.0 metres, EJObar comprises of a high quality PVC membrane ‘top hat’ profile encapsulating a strong box insert manufactured from 2.0mm thick aluminium. It is this bar that forms a fixing base for EJOT’s JF3 self drilling fasteners, when securing external fixtures and fittings. The profile is sealed tight by two bonded end-caps.

In the majority of situations, EJObar can be used in free-standing mode. Where fixing to the roof is required, a hot air weld carried out by a contractor approved by the membrane manufacturer, is a fast and simple process.

EJOT’s own development laboratory, Applitec, has an unrivalled reputation for critical testing and assessment of highly technical systems, throughout the UK construction industry. Tensometer tests were designed to asses EJObar’s weld strength and no less than seven leading membrane types were tested in a like for like environment. All of the membranes surpassed EJOT’s rigorous quality and testing procedures, achieving an average 3.0 Kilonewton loading.

As standard procedure, the single ply PVC membrane should be checked for suitability for attachment of applied system. EJOT UK has produced a technical guide to accompany this product, and their Technical Team can advise on specific criteria.

For more information, call EJOT UK’s customer support team on 01977 687040 or visit


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