Low ceilings are no problem

A new launch from Trox UK makes it possible to improve air handling and energy efficiency significantly, even where low false ceiling voids would previously have ruled out active chilled beams.

The new DID632 active chilled beam from Trox has a height of only 210mm, making it ideal for use in new or existing buildings with clear room heights of 2.6m to 4m. It is designed for rooms with a high cooling load, and combines optimum comfort conditions with outstanding energy efficiency. The cooling capacity is even higher than its predecessor (the DID 600B), at a lower rate of primary air flow (maximum of 2,500 watts at 70l/s). This is made possible by optimised nozzle configuration and unit geometry which delivers an increased capacity from a more compact chilled beam unit.

Air velocity in the occupied zone is reduced due to adjustable blades which control the direction of the air discharge. The DID632 also incorporates features for quiet and extremely reliable operation.

Four different induced air grille designs provide the specifier with opportunities to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the ceiling space with standard product lines.


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