Jaga Rewrites the Rule Book for Trench Heating

Jaga Heating Products, the UK’s leading manufacturer of energy-efficient radiators, has launched the Micro Canal – which at only 60mm deep is one of the shallowest trench heating products available. Compared to similarly-sized trench heating systems the Micro Canal provides an optimum balance between practical dimensions and powerful output, opening-up a whole new range of design possibilities for building services engineers and architects.

The Micro Canal is a responsive, stylish and efficient fan-assisted heat emitter ideal for use alongside windows and large areas of glazing, such as those often found on office and retail project facades. Unlike other shallow trench heaters, the Micro Canal delivers genuine power (2,050 watts for a length of 2000mm at 75/65/20 EN442) from its minimal dimensions, being only 130mm wide and featuring adjustable heights between 60 and 80mm.

The Micro Canal trench system provides a powerful heat output even when sub-floor space is in short supply. By drawing in and heating the cool air that forms next to windows and creating an upward ‘curtain’ of warm air, trench heating helps to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, keep glazed facades condensation-free and prevent cold draughts.

Jaga’s popular range of trench heating systems have been installed at a wide variety of projects, such as the Art and Design Faculty at Liverpool John Moores University, Aardman Animations’ new headquarters in Bristol, Birmingham Town Hall and PricewaterhouseCoopers’ new headquarters at 7 More London.

Phil Marris, Jaga’s Managing Director, said: “We led the way in LST (low surface temperature) heating and now we are doing the same in the trench and perimeter heating field. The Micro Canal opens up a new alternative for architects and HVAC engineers that have very little space in which to install a primary heating system that provides both energy-efficiency and an attractive styling.”

The Micro Canal comes with a stylish and durable stainless steel grille and is available in lengths of 600mm, 950mm, 1300mm, 1650mm and 2000mm. Contact Jaga directly on 01531 631533 for more information and advice.

About Jaga Heating

Jaga Heating Products is the European market leader in the production of safe, high performance, energy-efficient radiators. The winner of many design awards for its products, Jaga has always been active in promoting more environmentally responsible ways of building, living and heating. Jaga’s Low-H2O products are just one example of this philosophy of innovation, design and ecological awareness.

Further information:

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