Industry calls for policy stability as 670 energy efficiency jobs put at risk

The Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) has called for political parties to put their differences aside and focus on stability for the industry, as Britain’s largest energy saving installation company (Mark Group) begins redundancy consultations with up to 670 employees.
Comments Chief Executive Dave Sowden: “This is a very sad day indeed; these jobs are at risk as a direct result of short term changes in government policy, driven by hasty politics.
“As we head towards the election, it is crucial that energy efficiency is no longer used as a political football, and that party politics are removed from the equation.
“Instead, it’s vital to establish a stable, long term policy framework for energy efficiency – one that delivers the cleanest and most cost effective way to meet all of our energy objectives.
“As part of our 2015 Manifesto, we appeal to all political parties to support our ambitious programme for change. This will provide policy stability so confidence can be rebuilt in the sector leading to a more affordable and secure energy future for the UK.”


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