Indoor climate control made easy with Zehnder

FlatlineWith people spending ¾ of their lives inside a building the indoor cllimate (temperature and air quality) has a considertable influence on our well being. Creating a comfortable indoor environment for building occupants, and ensuring energy efficient operation and cost savings for building owners, Zehnder’s comprehensive range of heating and cooling products are an effective and economical solution.

For a pleasant, draught free indoor climate, with year round temperature control, Zehnder radiant heating and cooling panels are the answer. Ceiling mounted for flexibility in design, radiant panels ensure valuable floor space is free for use, and with the capability to achieve energy savings of more than a 40% on alternatives, they offer valauble cost reductions.

A wide range of contemporary and traditional radiators and towels rails provide customised heating solutions mixed with architectural creativty for a beautiful aesthetic, whilst Zehnder Trench Heating offers an unobtrusive and economical option to complement floor to ceiling glazing and ensure walls remain clear.

Quality and reliability are a must for all Zehnder products with all Zehnder radiators conforming to EN442 and their range of radiant heating and cooling panels meeting EN 14037 requirements.

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