HPA welcomes revised RHI regulations

The Heat Pump Association (HPA) has responded to the long-awaited government reforms to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), first announced on 16th December 2016.

While the unexpected laying of part of the RHI Reform package may have caught many by surprise (in that it arrived a little earlier than expected), Mike Nankivell, President of the HPA, has welcomed it, saying: “It ensures the continuum of the scheme by ensuring the degression triggers have been revised to take account of growth in the scheme.”

Mr Nankivell added: “The increased tariffs for ASHP & GSHP underscore the importance of these technologies in the government’s carbon reduction commitments and makes investment in such technologies attractive to end users and consumers.”

These revised regulations also introduce heat demand limits intended to reduce the rate of return for ‘large’ heat demand projects. Whilst the HPA did not fully support the limits suggested, the reasons for their imposition is understood.

The revised regulations are due to come into effect on 20th September 2017 and more information can be found on the HPA website – www.heatpumps.org.uk.

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