Hitachi unveils innovative modular addition to its Set Free range of VRF air conditioners

Hitachi Europe has enhanced its VRF range of air conditioners by launching the new FSXN system – offering great flexibility, efficiency and comfort to successfully meet all installer and customer demands.  

The FSXN is capable of 3-pipe heat recovery or 2-pipe heat pump operation to suit customer requirements and increase efficiency. Ranging from 8 to 54HP, the new FSXN models are modular and lightweight to allow for quicker or phased installation.  By combining units from the wide range of available models, the perfect air conditioning environment can be created.

Modular, flexible design

Offering 6 types of outdoor units and 10 types (52 models) of indoor units, the FSXN range is easy and flexible to install, with its modular and compact design enabling quick or phased installations. It also has an increased piping length of 165m and an elevator can be used to transport all the outdoor units separately, including even the largest 18HP model.  

Customer comfort

It’s important that end users can switch between cooling and heating in modern spaces, tailored to the changing seasons, what time of day it is or whether a room is directly facing the sun or not. The FSXN can meet different temperature needs in the same building, thanks to its heat recovery or heat pump capabilities – improving customer comfort.  

The FSXN is capable of impressively low noise levels too, thanks to its noise reduction mode. This mode enables the sound pressure level for a particular time to be set based on the environment. The FSXN also has a backup operation function that prevents the system from coming to a complete stop if one outdoor unit failure occurs; along with a comfort protection function to eliminate cold drafts.

Energy efficiency

As well as enabling the highest level of customer comfort, the FSXN’s heat recovery or heat pump capabilities increases energy efficiency too. Other features that heighten performance and energy-saving abilities include its DC Inverter compressor with 1 Hz step capacity control. Its new self-demand function also cuts energy loss, with the current self-detected and demand control performed automatically, requiring no signal wiring work.

Glyn Jones, UK Product Marketing Manager of Hitachi, said: “We’re delighted about this exciting development of our Set Free range of VRF units; with the FSXN offering even greater benefits to our installers and customers. The enhanced range is so flexible to install thanks to its modular, compact design and increased number of units and piping length. We’re pleased to offer flexibility to customers too with the 2-pipe or 3-pipe options allowing the system to be adapted as tenants’ needs change.”

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