Heating Industry Council reinforces future heating focus with technical manager appointment

The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) has announced the appointment of Kevin Lowe as technical manager to instigate and manage positive change in the drive towards the successful implementation of heat pump technology.

The move signifies the HHIC’s commitment to supporting innovation within the sector by encouraging action on the energy crisis, decarbonisation and the future of the UK’s heating mix. Kevin brings the trade body a wealth of industry experience having worked for British Gas in various roles over a 37-year span.

Ranging from apprenticeships to new energy technology field trials, Kevin’s widely accrued network adds significant value to the HHIC’s expansive array of activity. His role is centred around the drive towards reducing carbon emissions, delivering cost effective energy solutions that benefit the consumer.

Reflecting on the new appointment, Kevin said: “It is fantastic to be back at the heart of the industry, driving forward renewable heating progress and supporting organisations and professionals with decarbonisation. I look forward to bringing my breadth of knowledge to a vibrant environment where I can add value, and also play my part in emulating the HHIC’s proactive approach to new technologies.”

Kevin, who was one of the first people to trial residential Thermal Driven Heat Pumps in the UK, went on to say: “Despite a general lack of awareness, heat pumps are not a new technology. They have long been a proven heating and hot water solution; they just work differently to Gas Boilers. I want to raise awareness of the benefits of heat pumps, including when used as a hybrid system, as it presents an opportunity for both installers and consumers to transition towards green alternatives.”

Stewart Clements, Director of the HHIC, said: “We are facing some of the most challenging times we have seen within the industry with lots of conflicting information about energy-saving and environmental targets, which isn’t always accurate. That is why we felt Kevin was the perfect fit for us. He is committed to bettering all stakeholders of the heating industry, leaving us in no doubt he aligns with our values and mission as a trade body. His experience and network is extensive, and we are confident in his ability to champion real difference within the industry.”

For more information on the HHIC’s work, visit www.hhic.org.uk

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