Groundbreaking luminaire

Zumtobel’s innovative Aero II Hybrid luminaire breaks new ground in combining the best features of LEDs and T16 fluorescent lamp technology in a single pendant office luminaire.

The LEDs used in conjunction with the latest waveguide technology, give brilliant yet glare-free direct light, while the T16 fluorescent lamps project upward reflecting off the ceiling providing smooth and subtle indirect lighting.

Both the LED and fluorescent components of the Aero II Hybrid have their own control systems so, when used in conjunction with intelligent lighting control, DALI dimmable ballasts allow each component to be adjusted individually. This gives a multitude of scene setting possibilities providing optimal lighting conditions, while the combined colour temperatures of the LED and T16 lamps ensure a balanced and harmonious working environment.

The use of concealed LEDs in conjunction with a waveguide design and MPO+ (micro-pyramidal optic) provide perfect all round direct illumination. This allows a high degree of flexibility in the layout of workstations, as computer displays will be completely glare-free wherever they are installed in the room.

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