Government-backed energy saving with Stratton mk2 wall hung boiler

Hamworthy Heating’s Stratton mk2 compact wall hung boiler range, launched last year, is now part of the Government’s Energy Technology List (ETL).

Products on the list offer financial advantages for purchasers through the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) scheme. Introduced to tackle climate change, it is designed to encourage businesses to invest in energy-saving equipment.

Six models of the Stratton mk2 boiler range (40kW – 120kW) are eligible. With a gross seasonal efficiency of up to 96%, the Stratton mk2 boilers exceeded the strict minimum compliance criteria introduced in 2013, with only the highest performing products included in the ETL. The boiler further benefits from a stainless steel heat exchanger with 5-year warranty, providing a robust solution for those looking for high performance with long-term reliability.

The ECA scheme allows property owners or facilities management companies paying business or corporation tax to write off the costs for ETL energy-saving equipment against their taxable income. In this way companies benefit from energy and financial savings as well as reducing their environmental impact.

ECA provide a 100 per cent tax relief on ETL-energy saving equipment in the same tax year as the purchase is made with installation costs also qualifying for claims.

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