Fläkt Woods new JMv axial fans outperforms the rest

JMv axial fanFläkt Woods has introduced a revolutionary new axial fan to its offering, with the launch of the new JMv range. The innovative fan can save end users an outstanding 24 per cent on running costs compared to other products available on the market, and is a pioneering, highly efficient solution for the catering and hospitality sector in particular. With versatility being integral to Fläkt Woods’ design, the JMv can also be used for general ventilation and smoke extract applications to improve indoor climate and preserve life.

Borne from a breadth of research and innovation, JMv utilises Fläkt Woods’ Vortex Creation Control technology, which features a CFD optimised aerodynamic impeller design. Integral to the design are vortex generators on the trailing edge of the impeller blades, which intelligently manage airflow and reduce turbulence to deliver optimum aerodynamic performance.

The unique design means that JMv can deliver enhanced aerodynamic performance, whilst significantly reducing running costs and carbon dioxide emissions, which makes a positive contribution to decreasing the impact of climate change. The fan design also features two-stage guide vanes that boost efficiency further, whilst also providing support for the motor and reducing unnecessary weight.

Andy Cardy, operational marketing manager for Fläkt Wood’s fans division, explains: “JMv is actually our first ‘all new’ axial flow fan product for 22 years, so this is an exciting time in our company history. JMv is a huge step forward in fan technology that will allow us to build on the existing JM fans’ success that has, for many years, been a market leading product.”

“JMv also addresses key needs of modern installers, who are faced with a rapidly changing legislative environment, the impact of rising energy bills and increasingly stringent building regulations.”

“This new range is already ErP 2015 compliant, and in many cases, far exceeds current efficiency targets – so customers can rest assured that any Fläkt Woods product will meet future legislation requirements for years to come.

Specifiers and installers can gain the aerodynamic advantage by using the Fläkt Woods Advanced Fan Selection Tool to select the best possible product.   Our product selection tool makes choosing the most energy efficient solution easy, ensuring that new installations benefit from the smallest possible carbon footprint, making it easier to comply with the most stringent green credentials required to achieve BREEAM credits.

JMv can also be specified with a range of speed control options which deliver a customised solution to meet specific customer needs. Control options range from simple speed controllers to inverter drives that have full BMS connectivity capability.

Fläkt Woods develops, manufactures and distributes ventilation and air climate products, as well as system solutions for commercial and industrial applications. For more information on the complete range of fans and other ventilation products from Fläkt Woods, visit www.flaktwoods.co.uk

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