FETA calls for a balanced approach to BREXIT

The Federation of Environmental Trade Associations (FETA) is calling on the Government to think carefully about any potential changes to agreed policies, regulations or directives, following the vote to leave the EU. The industry body strongly believes that trade associations can help to retain links to important groups within Europe, channelling information on product standards or potential changes to regulations.

russell-beattieFETA Chief Executive Russell Beattie (pictured) says: “Clearly there are considerable complexities to be dealt with as the UK negotiates a new relationship with the EU. We urge the Government to think carefully before dismantling agreed policies and to consult with industry before making changes to the existing regulatory landscape.”

As a representative voice of the UK HVACR industry, FETA is committed to promoting the interests of its members and is keen to play its part in getting the balance right as Article 50 negotiations begin.

FETA is concerned that short sighted changes to product performance standards should be avoided.

“This is not just about manufacturers exporting to the EU and keeping the same design criteria. Ultimately it is UK customers who would pay the price when it comes to nationally specific products.”

Having been part of the EU for 43 years, FETA recognises the scale of the task in formulating a workable exit plan but is urging the UK Government and indeed EU member countries not to lose sight of their shared interest in driving energy efficiency and encouraging innovative building and product design.

Beattie concludes: “Our Trade Association links within Europe will be even more important following BREXIT and we are keen to play our part in helping to strike the right balance. We’ve had almost half a century of treaties and agreements, covering thousands of different subjects – it is vital that the Government carefully considers the potential repercussions before making changes.”


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