As we approach the end of what has been another turbulent year, there are mixed feelings within the industry. On the one hand many companies continue to face financial difficulties but others have had a more successful year.

One area which we have seen a lot of activity has been the education sector and despite the collapse of the BSF programme last year, work has continued, with many education establishments finding the money which is needed to carry out the necessary improvements.

Refurbishment is still a key part of the education sector as they strive to reduce their energy bills and building controls are a key part of this refurbishment work, with lighting and heating upgrades very high on the agenda. There are also a number of opportunities in the student accommodation sector to meet the ever increasing demands for quality accommodation for students.

This provides some good news for the industry, and although there may not be the same levels of spending as was originally anticipated, there will still be work out there.

Another good sign is that we are making excellent progress in energy efficiency and as more new products continue to enter the market this trend looks set to continue.

But it isn’t just about new products because many manufacturers are taking the lead in the way they sell their products making it easier for people in the industry to comply with the targets set by the Government and making it more cost effective to do so. There is also the suggestion that behavioural changes are one way in which we can achieve these targets.

I believe that the key for success in 2013 will be value for money because regardless of whether you are bidding for work on a school or a commercial development, everyone will be looking for the team which can provide the best results for the best value. So we need to focus on what matters – working together to achieve the best results and making this industry stronger for everyone.


See you next month


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