CP Electronics delivers flexible room solution for modular building industry

With the ongoing modular building boom and the growing demand for lighting control solutions which reduce installation times, CP Electronics has unveiled the latest addition to its acclaimed modular lighting connection system range, Vitesse Modular.

Building on the success of the four way starter box, the new two-way starter box offers greater flexibility and cost savings for contractors. This latest innovation is a direct response to demand for cost-effective agile solutions for rooms and corridors with up to six luminaires.

The growing popularity of pluggable solutions is based on pressures to deliver projects within ever tighter budgets and timeframes. The modular nature of Vitesse Modular enables contractors to work more quickly and flexibly as the range grows and adapts over time via the extender box if required. The streamlined design of the new two-way starter comes in either switching (VITM4-S2) or dimming (VITM6-S2).

Compliant with the 17th edition of the BS 7671 wiring regulations, Vitesse Modular is compatible with a range of lighting control and presence/ absence detection products.

Rob Crookes, Product Manager at CP Electronics, explained: “Our position as the UK’s leading manufacturer of lighting control products has been built on a longstanding commitment to delivering effective solutions based on the needs of the market. We recognised a gap in the modular building market, specifically within corridor scenarios, and value-engineered an ideal solution in our two-way starter box product. It is important to offer our customers greater choice, making them more responsive to their own customers.”

Designed entirely in-house, Vitesse Modular is the perfect example of CP Electronics’ commitment to research and development, delivering simple, adaptable solutions to the demands of the construction industry.


For more information, please visit: www.cpelectronics.co.uk.

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