Consumer unit surge protection kits

Hager now provides surge protection kits that can be fitted to any of its consumer units to meet Amendment 1 of the 17th Edition.

The devices in the kit offer type 2 protection to the current standard BS EN 61643 series, to ensure conformity with the current edition of BS 7671.

Chris Howells, Product Manager for Hager, said: “Amendment 1 of the 17th edition requires electricians to conduct a risk assessment of properties to see if it requires surge protection.

“When you consider that many homes have a lot of sensitive electronic equipment, such as TVs, Hi-Fis, PCs and printers that would be adversely affected by a voltage surge, then the need for such devices will increase.

“Transient overvoltages are not just caused by a direct lightning strike; a nearby strike, within a kilometre, can cause substantial damage. Other causes can be fluctuations in the power supply or from equipment such as microwaves or showers being switched.”

Hager’s surge protection kit can prevent the spread of overvoltages in the electrical installation and protects equipment connected to it. It is characterized by an 8/20 ?s current wave.

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