CHP delivers savings

Dalkia is providing an energy efficient, cost and carbon saving approach to energy generation at two university campuses. Using Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Dalkia is helping Loughborough and Sussex universities meet their energy generation needs.

By incorporating Dalkia’s on-site CHP technology, both universities are able to produce their own energy, in the form of electricity and heat. The on-site nature of energy generation is helping to reduce energy costs across both sites. For example, since its CHP plant was installed in 2006, Loughborough University has saved around 2,600 tonnes of CO2. Equally, Sussex University has saved around 2,250 tonnes of CO2 since its installation in 2008.

An on-site CHP plant can help deliver ongoing savings, both financially, and in terms of carbon emissions, as enough energy is produced to meet the constant demands of a large site, such as a university campus, throughout the day.

As such, a typical saving of around £45,000 per year can be made on a site operating a 200kw CHP plant, resulting in a carbon saving of 325 tonnes per annum. For a university campus where student accommodation places a huge demand on energy and hot water it is crucial for organisations to find alternative methods of power and heating, in order to reduce costs and environmental impact.

Due to the way in which a CHP plant works, no energy is lost or wasted. This makes it an attractive proposition for any organisation with a need for large volumes of power and heat. In the generation of electricity heat is produced in the form of steam. At a standard power plant this would be released as steam, however a CHP plant captures the steam from where it can be used as hot water around a building. Sites operating a tri-generation unit will also benefit from integrated cooling technology.

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