Better buffers mean warmer water

What is the secret of a successful biomass installation? Well, yes, the boiler of course but equally important is the heat store, or accumulator. To provide exactly the right size and specification of store, Euroheat, the leading biomass solutions provider, now offers a wide range of accumulators.

These vessels are available as standard in sizes from 300 to 5,000 litres with up to 10,000 litres as a tailor made tank. Connections are provided for a variety of heat inputs and outputs to the heating system. Solar systems can be incorporated via single or dual internal coil.

The Beta models (600 to 2000 litres) can provide instantaneous DHW supply through the large, four pass, stainless steel heat exchanger sited in the upper part of the vessel.

Stratification of water within the vessel is maintained by plates and flow deflectors so that the highest possible water temperature is offered to the heat exchanger. The Beta version can like others in the range, have a single or double solar coil.


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