Best in class

Greenwood Airvac has launched Unity CV2GIP, the easiest to fit and commission dMEV fan in the UK – especially in line with G.I.P (Guaranteed Installed Performance), now a crucial part of the Building Regulations 2010.

The ultimate single fan for all applications, Unity CV2GIP has been intelligently designed with speed and simplicity in mind. With fuss-free installation, Unity CV2GIP boasts over eight patents and registered designs, including a ‘Twist-Lock’ front facia which simply turns for removal.

On the inside, a unique hinge mechanism allows easy wiring access, with screws remaining within the casing to avoid misplacement – both especially valuable for ceiling applications.

Unity CV2GIP also benefits from Greenwood CommissionSMART technology, one of six new SMARTer design features, new sensors or controls now included on Greenwood products.

Specifically designed to assist in the delivery of G.I.P (Guaranteed Installed Performance), in line with Building Regulations, Greenwood CommissionSMART technology results in an innovative and unique touch-pad located at the front of the fan for fast and accurate commissioning.

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