A swift solution to reducing cable management installation time


Legrand, a world leading manufacturer of cable management systems, has launched a new innovative cable management component, developed to offer a fast fit alternative to the traditional nut and bolt.

The new Swiftclip, which forms part of the UK’s market leading Swifts cable tray range, has been designed with speed in mind. Requiring no tools during installation, the Swiftclip not only significantly reduces the number of components required, but also ensures installation times of at least four times faster than a nut and bolt solution.

The Swiftclip is compatible with the existing Swifts medium (MRF) and heavy duty (SRF) cable tray systems, is load tested to BS EN 61537 and provides earth continuity without the need for additional components. In addition, the innovative cable management component is available for internal pre-galvanised and external post galvanised applications.

Nigel Leaver, Lead Marketing Manager for the cable management business unit at Legrand, said: “At Legrand, we take our market leading position in cable management systems very seriously and we are always striving to develop products that not only comply with the latest product standards and regulations, but meet at least one of our three core objectives for installers. New products should be easier to install, faster and need fewer components. To bring a product to market that meets all three criteria is a great challenge, but Swiftclip does this and more.

“We are fully aware that time is money, so if we can help to significantly reduce installation time, and therefore the total installed cost, Swiftclip is a win-win solution.”

For more information of Legrand’s range of cable management solutions please visit www.legrand.co.uk or call 0345 605 4333.

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