Zumtobel lights up Tooley Street

Elegant design and a versatile, easy to install electrical distribution system are the key characteristics of the lighting solution from Zumtobel that has been specified for the 160 Tooley Street office block, designed by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) architects for Great Portland Estates. Combining innovative lighting engineering and groundbreaking design, suspended Zumtobel low-energy light fittings provide 20% indirect and 80% direct lighting reflected from the building’s innovative exposed concrete soffit solution.
Throughout the entire building, Zumtobel’s Tecton Super Highway has been installed. The all-inclusive linear lighting control module provides an unobtrusive lighting solution that distributes power and data not only to the luminaires, but also to additional electrical devices such as smoke and presence detectors. The key element of the system is the Tecton eleven-pole bus bar. From this, a series of power tap offs can be taken for different services and data can be run continuously or be broken into zones depending on the requirements.
As part of the AHMM aesthetic concept for the industrial warehouse style building the majority of the concrete frame of the building is exposed. Architect Ian McArdle said: “We needed to incorporate an effective lighting system that resolved both the aesthetics and engineering requirements.
“The Tecton Super Highway with a custom designed cover panel became our primary electrical distribution system and Zumtobel’s range of low energy direct and indirect fluorescent fittings matched perfectly with our design requirements.”
Approximately 1,200 Freeline continuous-row luminaires were installed on the continuous row lighting system. Freeline fulfils a wide range of lighting requirements, with a particular emphasis placed on economic efficiency. The lighting system components can be positioned quite flexibly and adjusted to structural changes at any time. In some areas, Freeline was combined with Mellow Light IV, a recessed direct/ indirect luminaire giving light with excellent shadow detail and contrast rendition.
The aim was to produce an extraordinary soft illumination by using an exceptionally high level of indirect lighting, which both Freeline and Mellow Light IV are able to provide. Additionally, in collaboration with consulting engineers Arup, the colour of the concrete mix and the mounting heights of the luminaires were adjusted to ensure that enough light was reflected from the ceiling.
Panos, Chiaro and Oriled luminaires were also specified. With its large indirect component, moisture-proof luminaire Chiaro carries on the lighting design concept to the staircases of the building. In the toilets, Panos, a stylish modular downlight available in a number of variants, has been installed, the round version being specified in this case. To offer additional guidance, emergency Oriled fittings illuminate all the external escape routes.

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