WRAS Certification granted for the Smedegaard

Smedegaard Pumps Limited is continuously working to improve their product ranges. The results of this are clear to see with the recent launch of our new technologically advanced and highly efficient Magneta range of circulating pumps.


Now the latest success at Smedegaard is the award of WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) certification 1312078 to our tried and tested EXEFLEXX range of cold water booster sets. It is important to note that rigorous mechanical testing was carried out for this approval to be granted ensuring that these complete booster sets comply with various strict byelaw regulations and requirements as they currently exist in the UK today. It is worthy of note that this certification has been awarded for the complete booster set assemblies not just for the component parts.


The EXE range now includes such features as single outlet manifolds to eliminate any dead-ends and the use of flow-through vessels throughout the entire range.


Smedegaard has always been known for supplying booster sets of the highest standards and with the extra assurance this approval provides it reiterates the benefit of choosing Smedegaard.



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